NIPA event

Event Schedule

Date: Thursday 3rd November 2022

Arrival: 16:30 (registration & networking)

Panel Discussion & Q&A: 17:00 – 18:00

Networking: 18:00 – 19:30 (drinks & pizza)

Venue: Atkins, 2 Chamberlain Sq, Birmingham B3 3AX


Please RSVP to to receive joining details. This event is open to NIPA members who qualify as EYPs (10 years or less qualification/practice in the infrastructure planning sphere). Pending members will be treated as members for the purposes of this event.

Places are limited, so please RSVP early so you do not miss out!

What’s in the news?

The government has set a target of a five-fold increase in solar capacity by 2035 from the current 14GW, how is this feat going to be reached?

As recently reported there has been a rise in the number of solar farms refused planning permission. Some argue solar farms could have a huge positive impact on annual electricity bills, so why are they being refused and what impact will this have on the sector?

Following the announcement of a potential pause of the UK’s Energy Security Bill by the new Secretary of State for Business Energy Industry and Strategy, what does the future look like for the energy industry?

Our panellists are keen to explore and discuss these topics amongst others at the event sharing learning and experience.

The Panel

We are thrilled to be joined by the following speakers on the Panel, which will be chaired by Viral Desai, Associate Director at Atkins:

Rachel Hayes, Senior ESG Policy Analyst at Solar Energy UK

Simon Best, Senior Solicitor at National Grid

Tom Beckford, Senior Account Manager at Copper Consultancy

Jamie Gleeson, Senior Planner at Atkins

They will share their experiences and insight on the current energy environment including energy projects such as solar, national need, local community and political impacts. There will be plenty of opportunity to ask questions.

Our hosts: Atkins Birmingham

Atkins are a world-leading design, engineering and project-management consultancy. The company have and continue to work on many nationally significant infrastructure projects (NSIPs), reaching across several different sectors, including energy. With the knowledge and experience gained through NSIPs, Atkins are proud to host this event on behalf of NIPA in our Birmingham office, delving into the detail of solar energy. We hope this event stimulates both passion and action for all EYP’s and attendees to help shape our futures.

NIPA membership and EYPs special interest group

If you’re not already a NIPA member and have 10 years or less qualification/practice in the infrastructure planning sphere), you will be entitled to a reduced NIPA membership fee of £40 per annum instead of the standard £75 per annum. There is also a discretionary nil cost NIPA membership that can be applied for, where cost is considered to be prohibitive to membership. You can apply to join NIPA (and therefore the EYPs special interest group) online Pending NIPA members will be treated as members for the purposes of this event.