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NIPA Insights II - Preparing a Flexibility Toolkit

In May 2017, the NIPA Insights report, “Effective National Infrastructure: Balancing detail and flexibility through planning to delivery”, was published. The summary report can be accessed via this link:

NIPA Insights II was launched in January 2018: a programme of work leading up to the publication of practice advice, in follow up to the recommendations of the first Insights report.

To support its development, five workstreams are underway:

  1. Engagement (led by Michael Wilks, Suffolk County Council);
  2. Assessment and Application Documents (led by Matthew Sharpe, Quod);
  3. Requirements and Codes (led by Keith Mitchell, Peter Brett Associates);
  4. Possession and Land Acquisition (led by Robbie Owen, Pinsent Masons); and
  5. Model Provisions (led by Angus Walker, BDB).

You are invited to a workshop on the 6th June to support the Requirements and Codes Workstream.

This workshop will hear from UCL about its preliminary research into the range of approaches used to the drafting of Codes and other relevant documents in DCOs, and how these have been used to secure flexibility during project implementation. It will also hear about our review of the drafting of Requirements, and the use of the NEWT principles in deferred decision making.

Your input will be to help the project team better understand what works well and what doesn’t from a practitioner’s point of view, and therefore where we need to be focussing our attention in drafting guidance about routes to flexibility over the next phase of the project. It is an important step in this work.

Who should attend?

The workshop is open to all NIPA members, but attendees who have direct experience in the delivery of DCO’s, and the management of consents, are particularly encouraged to attend.


To book a place please contact Sharon Bassom at

Any further queries on the NIPA Insights II work should be directed to Hannah Hickman ( who is managing the Insights II programme on behalf of NIPA.

Venue information

Pinsent Masons

30 Crown Place
Earl Street