Call for survey respondents: experiences of implementing Development Consent Orders

As many of you will be aware, NIPA has commissioned the University of the West of England and the University of Sheffield to undertake a research project about the implementation of Development Consent Orders (DCOs).

A key stage in this research is a survey of practitioners’ experiences.

We would therefore be very grateful if NIPA members could support this in two ways.

First, please assist by undertaking one of the following surveys. You can either take a survey focused on your experiences of a specific project, or a survey focused on your experiences of implementation across multiple projects. Feel free to complete both if you would like. You may also complete the project-specific survey more than once.

Project-specific survey:

Cross project experience survey:

Secondly, please assist by circulating these surveys to your contacts within the NSIPs and DCO world, as we would like to have surveys completed for as many consented DCOs as possible.

The deadline for completing the surveys is 14th October.

Many thanks.


Robbie Owen

NIPA Board Director and Secretary